Thursday, October 27, 2011

This is what we union thugs do on our Friday nights

(UPDATES to correct that Local 727 hosted, STED sponsored; CTHC sponsored.)

We raise money for college scholarships for kids.

Teamsters Local 727 hosted Friday Night boxing on Oct. 7. The proceeds went to the Chicago Teamsters Hispanic Caucus Scholarship Program, which pays for scholarships for the children and grandchildren of active Teamsters.

The evening featured a fight card with eight sanctioned three-round bouts. There was planty of musical entertainment as well: a mariachi band played early, a salsa band during intermission and Teamsters Local 731 member Hector Hernandez III served as the DJ throughout the night.

Cristian Leiva, business representative for Local 727 and a director of the Chicago Teamsters Hispanic Caucus, said it was a great night with incredible turnout:
We wanted to use this event to promote our scholarship program, to encourage our Hispanic members to become more involved in their local unions and to have a good time. We were successful across the board.
Props to Local the Chicago Teamsters Hispanic Conference!