Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Entitled jerks get nasty surprise at Sotheby's bash

Teamsters and OWS at Sotheby's on Thursday.
Sotheby's socialites learned last night that they were justifiably concerned about the turmoil surrounding the auction house -- the protests, the international news coverage, the disruptions, the embarrassing youtube videos.

Brown Brothers Harriman, an investment firm representing the 1 percent, was holding a private "investment seminar and prints exhibition" at Sotheby's on Tuesday night. An email was sent to attendees assuring them that locked-out Teamsters from Local 814 wouldn't create any problems.

Surprise! Teamsters from Local 814 created problems. They made an unpleasant ruckus as BBH bankers entered the auction house and handed them flyers saying:
Brown Brothers Harriman
Banking on Misery
Brown Brothers is know for targeting clients in the top 1%, so it makes sense that tonight’s investment seminar is at Sotheby’s, where CEO Bill Ruprecht locked out Sotheby’s art handlers and refuses to negotiate a contract in good faith.

Sotheby’s longtime employees were thrown onto the streets without paychecks three months ago. They are now struggling to support their wives and children...
Brown Brothers Harriman and Sotheby’s are part of the top 1% that are willing to destroy families just to siphon a few more dollars their way. While Sotheby's starves the lockedout workers' families and entertains the 1% at investment seminars, Brown Brothers goes along for the ride.
Sotheby's was freaked out by the action. According to Local 814 organizer Julian Tysh:
We had a good turnout. We made lots of noise. We yelled at Brown Brothers bankers...they were not happy. Tommy McCallister was taking people's pictures as they were crossing our line.
And from shop steward Dave Martinez:
Yeah, we kicked their ass - we were totally belligerent - and those trust funders totally hated us. They are not gonna forget it.
Keep up the good fight, brothers!