Sunday, October 9, 2011

NY Teamsters: We'll continue to send busloads, carloads to Occupy

Local 445 Teamsters with actor Tim Robbins in NYC.
Teamsters from New York and Pennsylvania are throwing their support behind the Occupy movement. Local 445 brought a large contingent to Lower Manhattan on Wednesday for the big solidarity march with labor, and plenty of other Teamsters were there as well.

Lcoal 445's principal officer, Adrian Huff. vowed to keep it up. He issued a statement saying the Teamsters and other unions under the umbrella of the Hudson Valley Area Labor Federation will continue to send busloads and carloads of members to participate in the ongoing Wall St. protests.

Union members on the way to Wednesday's march.
Here's Brother Huff's statement:
"This is a huge opportunity for the middle class to stand up and show its discontent with what's happening in America," said Huff. "The Great Recession was caused by lack of regulation of the financial industry, yet it is working people that are suffering the consequences. The middle class has become 'the fall guy' for the corporate class.

The Teamsters and several other unions sent a large contingent to Wednesday's Wall St. rallies.

For further information on future trips, go to The Teamsters Union Hall on Stone Castle Road in Rock Tavern will be the staging point for rides to the protests.
Rock on, Rock Tavern Teamsters!