Sunday, October 2, 2011

Koch bombshell involving Iran?

The Bloomberg story hasn't appeared yet, but one political blogger is claiming it's a doozy. The most severe allegations against Koch Industries is that the company used its European subsidiary to sell petrochemical equipment to Iran as recently as 2007, the blog reports.

Writes Political Gates,
"Bloomberg Markets" reveals that Koch Industries sold petrochemical equipment to Iran and paid bribes in six countries
The blog further claims the story will also reveal:
- Koch Industries sacked a compliance officer in France in June 2009 who discovered the illegal bribes at Koch Industries subsidiary Koch-Glitsch
- These revelations were made possible through newly discovered documents from two labour court cases in France
- Bloomberg Markets reveals that former employees of Koch Industries harshly criticize the company for their internal practises and ethics
We'll be watching the newsstands with interest.