Saturday, March 9, 2013

What real union people say about unions

Back again by popular demand, comments from real union people about unions. We also included a few from non-union people. They're all taken from the Teamsters Facebook page:

Dave Bock
I've worked non union and was a member of the Teamsters and retired out of UFCW Local 8 out of Sacramento Ca. Being a union member is infinitely superior to working non union.
Kevin Morrison
Being a retired Teamster is GREAT too !!!!
Craig Ray
Any Union is better than nothing, ours is far from perfect but i can't imagine working without it.
Lisa Scoggins
Met a few Teamsters in my day, drank a few beers and had some great conversations. My lasting impression...proud hard working men with a fierce sense of pride in their work and for their country. 
Michael Spinelli
Without unions we would still be working for nothing and no benefits so all of you who hate unions should thank a union member because what you have is because of our past members.
Ingeborg Seastone
I was a steward, now retired and thanks to the Union have a good retirement!
Meg Coleman
Born into a Union family since the 30's..... Can't say one person in my family isn't in a local of some sort! Wish people in general new the importance and or how hard our brothers and sisters before us have fought for labor laws, wages, benefits, ect! I am UAW local 686 and very proud of my family and associates!
Robert Dutmers
Thanks to the teamsters I retired with dignity. THANK YOU.
Bil Krueger
Unions are a freedom to be cherished.
We found this Facebook exchange especially interesting:

Dan Coughlin
Hey folks. when a contract is negotiated there's a company guy sitting on the other side of the table. The contract must be agreed to by the company and the rank and file. So all you anti UNION folks get your fact straight before you blame the Unions. We could always go back to $2 an hour if that would make you comfortable...try feeding your family on that
Chris Gioia
I'm one the company guys on the other side of the table. Sure I gripe about the union rules and some archaic work rules designed to be less efficient to keep people working, and frankly hurting the Union cause, but make no mistake about it ... I know what I am buying when I buy Union...and it's consistent work quality, the most highly trained workforce in the world and an ability to get it done quickly and safely.  
I pay more---sometimes a lot more---but my clients get what they want, which is quality and speed. Cheap always costs more later.  
Guys and gals: please pay attention to the work flexible, keep your salary and benefits but make some rules concessions so we can keep Union Trades building our cities. 
Lets keep our middle class, America!!!!