Monday, March 11, 2013

Action alert: Missourians, call your senators!

Today in Missouri the bill to dictate what employees can do with their paycheck will probably be acted on in the state Senate.

The so-called 'paycheck deception' law is aimed at helping greedy billionaires and CEOs at the expense of middle-class workers. It's part of an organized, national conspiracy to silence workers and lower their wages. Like No Rights at Work and attacks on prevailing wage protections, paycheck deception is about taking away basic collective bargaining rights for thousands of Missouri workers.

Working families are struggling while corporations earn record profits. This is no time to weaken their rights to join together for better wages and benefits, job security and safer workplaces.

The International Brotherhood of Teamsters is asking Missourians to email their state senators to tell him to stand strong against paycheck deception. An alert has been sent with this message:
Politicians in Jefferson City are holding Missouri’s working families’ hostage! Right now, these right-wing career politicians are trying to silence our voice in the political process. If passed, Senate Bill 29 would effectively silence workers’ voices in the democratic process here in Missouri and pay back the corporate CEOs who funded politicians’ campaigns last year. 
We are urging you to contact your state Senator and tell them to oppose this misguided legislation. Missouri politicians should be focusing on creating jobs, not playing partisan politics at the expense of Missouri’s middle class families. 
Click here to send an email.

The Missouri AFL-CIO is also asking members to contact their senators. They recommend you call  888-907-9711 and ask your senator to vote no on SB 29. Some suggested things to say:
  • Senator, we expect you to keep standing with us against Paycheck Deception. This bill is unfair, unsafe, and unnecessary – and we’re counting on you to stay strong.
  • Any compromise that would take away the rights of teachers, nurses, corrections officers, firefighters, social workers and other hardworking public employees is unacceptable to all Missouri workers.
  • Here in Missouri, we’re counting on you to stop these attacks by standing strong against anti-worker legislation.
  • There’s no middle ground for compromise when extremists and special interests try to silence the voices of hardworking Missourians. We are counting on your leadership.
And stay tuned.