Thursday, March 21, 2013

Deeply indebted politician mocked for lecturing about debt (VIDEO)

Remember Roger Williams, the Republican congressman from Texas who insisted the federal government must balance its budget just like companies do? It turned out Williams' car dealership has at least $2.5 million in debts. 

Well, the U.S. citizenry isn't the only one subjected to lectures about debt from lightweight politicians and billionaires who made their fortunes on, you know, debt. Politicians and billionaires all over the world are preaching the gospel of austerity.

It took an Australian comedy team less than two minutes to skewer the feebleminded Tony Abbott, leader of the opposition in the Australian House of Representatives.

Steve Keen at the Debtwatch blog shared the video above, noting:
Australia’s unique comedy team The Chaser takes 90 seconds to make a mockery of politicians who obsess about public debt and don’t even consider private debt. Hey, can someone do this in the USA … and the UK … and Europe … and Japan?