Friday, March 8, 2013

Kochs' phony tea party to promote RTW4Less at exclusive Mich. country club

Blythefield Country Club, the Koch brothers' idea of a place to hold a "town hall" meeting
You can't make this stuff up. The Benedict Arnold Koch brothers' group, Americans for Prosperity, is holding town hall "events" in Michigan to tell the good news. You know, about how they managed to buy enough politicians to take away workers' rights and wipe out Michigan's middle class. 

We cannot imagine what they were thinking when they decided to hold a pro-Right-to-Work-for-Less meeting at the Blythefield Country Club. It's an 80-year-old members-only club in Grand Rapids. It features an 18-hole golf course "among the most beautiful in the Midwest" and "fabulous adult social events with dinner and dancing under the stars."  Blythefield has a strict dress code that forbids jeans, sweatpants, sleeveless blouses, short skirts or cutoffs. Show up in a t-shirt that says "I'm A Friend of "Jimmy" Hoffa" and you will no doubt be escorted out the door. 

Not exactly a hotbed of populism.

Rep. Brandon Dillon, who gave an impassioned speech against Right to Work for Less in December, represents Grand Rapids. Michigan Live tells us that he called out the Koch stooges by posting on Facebook:
Anyone else see the hypocrisy of Americans for Prosperity holding a Right To Work for less town hall at a Grand Rapids area county club that requires membership dues? 
The Kochs' Michigan stooge, Scott Hagerstrom, said the members-only club illustrated how wrong it would be to force people to join and pay dues. Dillon retorted:
Unsurprising you totally miss the point. But thanks for all you do to protect the rights and interests of a handful of billionaires.
Michigan Live wasn't clear on how the Koch stooge missed the point. So Dillon explained:
The question is not whether somebody's forced to join a country club. The fact is, the people who don't pay the dues can't enjoy the benefits of the country club, hence the opposition to right-to-work.
The event will be held on Wednesday night. Blythefield's address is 5801 Northland Dr,  Belmont. If you're interested in inquiring about membership (heh-heh), the phone number is (616) 361-2661.