Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Bad news from Missouri. Anti-worker bill passes Senate

And now SB 29 is on its way to the House, where extreme anti-worker politicians could pass the paycheck deception bill.

Missourians, please call your state representative and urge him or her to vote against HB 64, or paycheck deception. The number is 888-907-9711.

We need to stop attacks on working people like "Right to Work," paycheck deception and eliminating the prevailing wage. There are only two days before lawmakers take off spring break off. Special interest groups are pushing hard to pass legislation to make Missouri workers poorer.

The Missouri AFL-CIO sent this message:
There isn't much time left. Call today to speak with your state representative. The attacks in the Missouri legislature have been unrelenting, and we need to keep the phone calls and emails coming. "Right to Work," Paycheck Deception, and attempts to gut our prevailing wage protections are all part of an organized national plan to eliminate the voice of middle class workers.  
Your elected officials need to know that we’re counting on them to stop these attacks by standing strong against anti-worker legislation.  
It’s urgent that your legislators hear from you today. Call 888-907-9711 now.