Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Pa. lawmakers trying to kill 500 Teamster jobs

Pennsylvania lawmakers this week are considering a liquor privatization bill that will kill nearly 5,000 good, family-sustaining jobs, one-tenth of them Teamsters.

It will also more than double the number of stores in Pennsylvania that are able to sell alcohol. On top of that, it's not even clear if the proposal will make any money.

House Bill 790 also puts Pennsylvania communities at risk.  Easier access to alcohol makes it tougher for law enforcement to crack down on drunk driving and underage drinking.

Yup, the war on workers has come to Harrisburg.

The IBT is asking Pennsylvanians to write their state lawmakers and urge them to vote no:
We need elected officials in Harrisburg who prioritize putting Pennsylvania middle class families back to work, not putting partisan politics ahead of protecting good-paying jobs. Your Teamster brothers and sisters need your help – tell your elected official to OPPOSE HB-790.
Click here to send an email.

Though advocates of the plan say many jobs will be replaced, Pennsylvania AFL-CIO tells us that won't happen:
The administration claims that through incentives for rehiring that job loss will be minimized, but The Public Finance Management report that the Governor ordered makes it clear that large chain retailers will not need to hire new workers in order to accommodate the addition of alcohol sales.
Be sure to contact your lawmaker. Jobs are at stake.,br />