Thursday, March 21, 2013

No Rights At Work coming to Ontario (VIDEO)

Brother Alan Shoub shared this video with us on Facebook with the message "Right to work is coming to Ontario. We need to stop the legislation NOW!!!

Anti-worker politicians in Canada, notably Progressive Conservative Party Leader Tim Hudak, want to turn Ontario into a No Rights At Work province. Brian MacLeod wrote in the Sudbury Star:
Hudak wants to end mandatory collection of union dues and union membership, effectively turning the province into a right-to-work jurisdiction that is a growing trend in the United States. 
(His policy paper reads, "no clauses in any provincial legislation or collective agreement should require a worker to become a member of a union or pay union dues as a condition of employment.") 
Our brothers and sisters in Canada are aware of the threat. They even joined the protest against No Rights At Work in Lansing late last year. Grace Macaluso in The Windsor Star quoted Canadian Auto Workers President Ken Lewenza:
An attack on workers, regardless of any border, is an attack on the labour movement in general. I think it’s  incredibly important to let our  friends in Michigan know they have the support of workers in Canada.
And vice versa.