Thursday, March 21, 2013

Vote for this Teamster for 'Local Hero' award

Brother Curt Todd has a shot at winning the Local Hero on-line contest sponsored by the National Mobility Awareness Month Partners.

Todd is a police officer in Evansville, Ind., retired Marine and member of Teamster Local 215. The Evansville Police Department is asking us to vote for him in the contest to promote awareness of people who overcome the challenge of living with a disability. (National Mobility Awareness Month is May, if you were wondering.)

In 1995, he was helping an elderly woman and suffered an injury that paralyzed him from the waist down -- permanently. He overcame that disability and was rehired by the Evansville Police Department as a crime analyst. If he wins the contest, he'll receive a new mobility van.
Here's what the Evansville PD tells us:
For those not familiar with Curt, he was hired on to EPD in 1992 and became disabled from a serious spinal cord injury incurred on duty in 1995 assisting EFD on a run aiding an elderly female in need of extrication. He is entered in the contest as an Evansville Local Hero. There is an excellent 2 minute video on the voting link summarizing why we feel he is a deserving Local Hero. Entrants may receive votes from same person each day it is not a one vote per person contest. 
If you click the link and it says “You’ve already voted today” that only means someone already voted from that internet account that day, try another one such as your smart phone or home computer! If you get the Already Voted notice you can still play the brief video, it’s quite good.Voting ends midnight May 10th. 
Make it part of your daily internet routine on your home computer and on your smart phone! Feel free to use the social media icons at the bottom of the voting page to share the link to your social media pages!
Come on THUGGS, let's help a brother out! Click on this link here to vote for Curt Todd. (ANd remember, THUGGS stands for Those Helpful Union Guys and Gals.)