Thursday, March 7, 2013

Help McDonald's indentured servants, sign the petition (VIDEO)

Foreign students who paid $3,000 each to come to the US on a "cultural exchange" program ended up being indentured servants to a McDonald's franchise owner in Central Pennsylvania. Their wages were stolen. They were forced to live eight to a room in basements. And they were threatened and injured.

Yesterday they walked off the job. Today they're asking us to sign a petition asking for three things:
That McDonald’s pay us students back all the money we are owed, including the money we spent to come work for the company, unpaid overtime, and housing overcharges; 
That McDonald’s offer full-time work to its U.S. workers, who are struggling with too few hours; 
That McDonald’s reveal all the stores where it employs guestworkers, and sign an agreement with the National Guestworker Alliance to guarantee basic labor standards for them, including protections from retaliation when workers organize against abuse.
Please sign the petition here.