Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Alert! Help make Missouri's ALEC pains go away

This afternoon, the nationally coordinated attack on workers' rights in Missouri could come to a head. The House is currently adjourned and returning at 2:30 p.m. local time. A noxious anti-worker bill could come up when they return. It's HB64, the bill to make it illegal for employers to honor employees' request to deduct their union dues. What's worse, a No Rights At Work amendment could be attached.

If you have any doubt that greedy billionaires are behind the bill, consider this: Speaker Tim Jones is the state co-chair of ALEC, the escort service for corporations and state lawmakers. ALEC is the brainchild of the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers, who have no love for working people. HB64's sponsor, Rep. Eric Burlison, has served on ALEC task forces. A potential No Rights at Work amendment to HB64 is straight out of ALEC's playbook.

Missourians, please send an email to your state representative telling them to vote against HB64. Click on the link here.
Late last night, despite massive opposition from hundreds of thousands of Missouri families, state senators passed a paycheck deception bill in an effort to silence workers’ voices in Jefferson City and at the bargaining table. Now, the fight moves over to the Missouri House, where career politicians are pushing a similar bill to strip our voice from the political process. HB-64 is nothing more than career politicians paying back the corporate CEOs who funded politicians’ campaigns last year at the expense of Missouri working families. 
We are urging you to contact your state Representative and tell them to oppose this misguided legislation. Missouri politicians should be focusing on creating jobs, not playing partisan politics at the expense of Missouri’s middle class families.
Remember, this bill is about hurting politicians' political opponents by eliminating public employee unions. Paycheck deception bills are about giving billionaires more power to write Missouri's laws. And ordinary people would have even less power than they do already.

Employees should have control over their own money! Please send an email now!