Friday, March 15, 2013

Sign the petition! Keep Ed on prime time

Nooooo, don't move!

We're still upset that The Ed Show is being booted to the weekend. Ed Schultz the most vocal pro-labor voice on national TV (that may be why he's getting moved).

Credo has a petition up that you can sign to keep The Ed Show in its primetime weekday slot. It says,
Ed Schultz has been one of few in the media who supports working class people.  With his prominent voice on prime-time MSNBC television we as class warriors have had an ally on television for not only our values but our friends and colleagues.  
Ed rises above the typical Beltway insider politics to deliver hard hitting news that gets to the heart of the issue.  He speaks for the every day working guy, those gathered around the TV at the fire station house, the educator who is grading papers while listening, and the every day activist like you and me who tune in each night. 
Join me in demanding our true class war hero Ed Schultz stays on weeknights on MSNBC.
Sign the petition here.