Thursday, January 31, 2013

Woo-hoo! Another Teamster organizing victory in FL

Please welcome our 22 new brothers and sisters who voted to join Local 385 in Florida. They are keyloaders for Avis Budget at Orlando Airport. Keyloaders make sure vehicles being rented have full tanks of gas, are clean and otherwise ready for customers.

One worker has been on the job for 22 years and earns just $12 an hour. All are seeking fair pay, a workplace where rules don’t constantly change, communication from management and dignity and respect on the job.

This is the third time workers voted to organize, according to business agent and organizer Roger Allain. He said,
During the previous two campaigns, the company made promises in its attempt to get workers to vote no. The workers are tired of those empty, false promises and they voted to form a union this time so that they will have a strong voice on the job once and for all.
Local 385 President Mike Stapleton says he's looking forward to negotiating a good first contract.

The local already represents the service agents at Avis and the rental agents at Budget.