Monday, January 28, 2013

Mich. senator says, on tape, DeVos $ bought No Rights At Work

This is the doofus who called Dick DeVos an "unsung hero" for buying No Rights At Work.

A Michigan lawmaker blurted out on tape that Ponzi scheme Amway heir Dick DeVos's money was critical to the passage of No Rights At Work last year. 

The legislator, state Sen. Patrick Colbeck, was recorded while speaking to a phony tea party group funded by the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers on Jan. 13. That was just days before a Kansas lobbyist admitted No Rights At Work is about bustin union and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder said it wasn't about jobs.

So in a sudden frenzy of truth-telling, extremists are admitting:
  1. Billionaires bought No Rights At Work laws, 
  2. No Rights At Work laws are all about busting unions, 
  3. No Rights At Work has nothing to do with creating jobs. 
And they're doing it in front of electronic recording devices.

Colbeck gave credit to DeVos and former Michigan Republican Party Chair Ron Weiser for providing “air contributions” for lawmakers who wavered in support of No Rights At Work.

Progress Michigan issued a statement:
“It’s amazing what Republican politicians will say to Tea Party activists when they think no one is listening,” said Zack Pohl, Executive Director of Progress Michigan. “This just confirms what we’ve long suspected, that Gov. Snyder’s so-called Right to Work bill was bought-and-paid for by billionaire CEO Dick DeVos. It’s time for politicians like Snyder and Colbeck to start protecting middle class families, not the special interests.” 
Colbeck has a history of accidentally telling the truth when the cameras are on. At a coffee hour with constituents in April 2011, he complained about taking a “40 percent pay cut” to run for office, and said the United States is not a democracy.
The audio of Patrick Colbeck talking about DeVos and Weiser providing “air cover” can be heard here. Colbeck spoke at the AFP-Michigan “Citizens Watchdog Training” on January 19, 2013.

The video above shows Colbeck saying the United States isn't a democracy.

What is it with these people?