Thursday, January 17, 2013

Hundreds protest RTW4Less in Mich.

Hundreds of working people in Michigan protested last night against Gov. Rick Snyder as he delivered his State of the State address. Working Michigan tells us:
Workers gathered before Governor Snyder's State of the State address. After signing the Right to Work for less money legislation, the governor said "you can all go home now." Workers sent a clear message: We're not going anywhere. We will continue to stand up against Gov. Snyder and the Republican legislature's attacks on working families.
You can see plenty of photos on their Facebook page here.

Michigan Live reported,
... groups from the United Auto Workers and "We Are Michigan" were at the entrances of the Capitol with recycled images from a "Walk of Shame" protest last week. Protesters held pictures of legislators who voted for RFW and had "shame" written across the portrait. 
“This is an issue that hasn’t gone away," said Mike Severino, a nurse at Sparrow Hospital. "All options are still on the table.” 
Severino, who said he is a Republican and worked for his party's Senate caucus for ten years, said he is not expecting to hear anything from Snyder that addresses his concerns. 
"We've heard a lot of stuff from the governor and his actions have spoken louder than his words," Severino said...
The protest comes after large demonstrations in December as the legislature voted on Right to Work legislation. Protesters came to the Capitol last week as legislators were sworn in for the 2013-14 term.