Wednesday, January 23, 2013

80% will pay more to buy American

The Obamas' outfits are all made in America.
USA Today reports:
Over 80% of Americans are willing to pay more for Made-in-USA products, 93% of whom say it's because they want to keep jobs in the USA, according to a survey released in November by Boston Consulting Group. In ultra-partisan times, it's one of the few issues both Democrats and Republicans agree on. 
When considering similar products made in the U.S. vs. China, the average American is willing to pay up to 60% more for U.S.-made wooden baby toys, 30% more for U.S.-made mobile phones and 19% more for U.S.-made gas ranges, the survey says.
That corroborates what the manufacturethis blog reported last year:
You may recall, back in July, when the Alliance for American Manufacturing (AAM) released its survey of voters. We found that 97% of those polled had a favorable view of goods manufactured in the United States. Additionally, we found that 36% of those surveyed thought American-made products have gotten better, while 34% believe Chinese-made products have gotten worse. 
Be careful, though, that you're not buying a FAKE Made-in-USA item.

The Obamas, by the way, wore American-made clothing for the presidential inauguration on Monday, according to the Philadelphia Inquirer.