Sunday, January 20, 2013

What real union people say about their union

Back by popular demand, we bring you comments about unions from the Teamsters Facebook page:

Kim Rowton
I thank God for our union all the time. These companies want everything they can get. Then they'll turn around and eat each other. There is no loyalty among them. No honor. Unions care for the masses. Guys there is nothing out there if we don't have each other. Could you imagoine trying to live in a third world country. Theres rich and dirt poor. This can happen here!
Jack Bruno
GOD BLESS THE TEAMSTERS!!! LOCAL 142, Gary, IN.....36 years (RET)
Kevin Ledoux
Dear Teamster Brothers and Sisters, 
I had some personal stuff I had to deal with and couldn't find the help I needed on my own. I went to my shop steward and asked for help. Within 4 hours he called the local (251 out of east providence) and I had all the help I needed. 
Thank you for your help my teamster brothers and sisters
Mary Bidwell Amundson
I have so much respect and gratitude for all that my union officers do...thank you, GCCIBT District Council One !!
Shanon McNulty Horridge
... The union is a good thing in this family's life - took care of us when my husband (driver) was deployed - stepped up quick too.
Ronny Ramirez
i lov my teamster blood which flows through my veins
Ruth Gochenour Schmidt
Don't ever give up! I am the daughter of a past member of Local 769! He joined the International Brotherhood of Teamsters on June 16, 1954 and he supported the Union until his death in May 1992. He was the last Teamster member to walk the picket line outside of Tarmac's Pensuco Plant. He became known as "Two Flags" because he had 2 American flags on the hat he wore every day he walked. The battle was lost against Tarmac but he never gave up his loyalty to the Union. His name was Merle Gochenour and he was my hero. Stand strong Teamsters and never give up or give in! God bless all Teamsters every where!
Dawn Puchinsky
Your negotiation team is awesome!! They are fighting for you, the workers every single day. I am very proud of all of them who have dedicated themselves to provide you with the best Contract they can. Reach out and thank them, your brothers and sisters. Who am I? A thankful wife of a Teamster who sits on the negotiation team.