Monday, January 28, 2013

Reads around the Internets for union members

From Union Hands and Voices
Here is this week's guide to places on the Internet you might want to visit.

Brother John Scearcy writes:
In Washington State 170 union members have been on strike for over two months protesting that their employer, United Natural Foods (UNFI), has committed many unfair labor practices none more disgusting than the fact that UNFI immediately permanently replaced about 1/2 of these members when they went out on this ULP strike. Please show your support for these workers by visiting this website:
You can sign a petition and help with financial support.

We liked a recent letter to the editor of the Washington Post, which couldn't figure out what's driving the decline in union manufacturing jobs. David Prosten of Annapolis, president of Union Communication Services, wrote to the Post:
...more than 17,000 workers were fired or disciplined in 2010 because of union activity. ... 34 percent of union organizing drives see at least one worker fired. Get rid of the union advocate, be sure other workers see what’s happened to him or her, and what do you know: frightened workers, end of organizing drive and, unsurprisingly, a decline in unionized manufacturing jobs. There are no fines, damages or penalties levied against employers who use that tactic. Their worst-case scenario is having to pay back wages to illegally fired workers.
We liked that so much we're sharing a link to Union Communication Services' website here.

We like Unionosity as well. It's an online newspaper that focuses on labor issues. Here's what they say about themselves:
We cover topics related to work, the workplace, equality, fairness and progressive policy. We’re especially interested in precarity, non-traditional or new organizing models, campaigns for increased dignity and quality of life, the role of unions, and legislation that effects workers and workers’ lives.
The Corporate Action Network fights corporate abuse. CAN has helped our UFCW brothers adn sisters with the OUR Wal-Mart campaign. CAN's website says,
From American Trucks, Past and Present
Corporations have become so large, so complex, and so powerful that traditional methods of reining in their abusive practices often fall short. We want to give you the tools you need to fight corporate abuse and win. 
Are you working to fight corporate abuse? If your campaign has a great target and real opportunities to build networks, we want to hear from you.
Here are a couple more sites you should check out. Teamsters Local 638 is now on Facebook, so visit their page here and give them a Like. Union Hands and Voices has a Facebook page here.

And finally, a Facebook page dedicated to American Trucks Past and Present.