Saturday, January 26, 2013

Walker foolishly dumps on Minn. guv

Oh, this is rich. Wisconsin Job-killer  Gov. Scott Walker dumped on Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton after he proposed a tax increase -- including a higher tax rate for rich people. 

The Econbrowser blog picked up the story about Walker's tweet in response to Dayton's proposal:
In '11, IL raised taxes on income by 66% & businesses by 46%. Now MN Gov is proposing a $2 bil tax increase. WI is Open for Business.
Econbrowser then looked at Wisconsin's economic performance compared to Minnesota's:
We can examine the relative performance of Minnesota and Wisconsin under the differing taxation and spending regimes by reference to the Philadelphia Fed’s coincident indices. 
See the chart above. It shows Wisconsin has been sucking wind under Walker.

Perhaps he should have kept his finger off the "Tweet" button.