Thursday, January 31, 2013

Teamsters Disaster Relief helps hundreds in wake of Sandy

Sanitationman Denis Healy, Sanitationman Danny McLaren, Uniformed Sanitationmen’s President Harry Nespoli, George Miranda, president of Joint Council 16 of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, and Sanitationman William Montero.
Hundreds of victims of Superstorm Sandy are benefiting from the generosity of their Teamster brothers and sisters. Contributions poured into the Teamsters Disaster Relief Fund after the hurricane devastated New York and New Jersey.

An estimated 100,000 homes were destroyed, and many Teamsters lost their homes. Among them were New York City Sanitation workers. As the New York Daily News reported,
Many New York City Sanitation workers ... were victims themselves, either losing their homes or facing mounting bills to repair and rebuild following Superstorm Sandy. 
Several who are members of Local 831, recently received some financial help from their parent union, the International Brotherhood of Teamsters. 
Checks for $500 were issued to Dennis Healy, a seven-year department veteran from Rockaway, William Montero, an eight-year veteran from Rockaway and Danny McLaren, a 15-year veteran from Breezy Point. 
The fund is accepting applications until Jan. 31. In addition, Local 831 is also working on its own relief fund to help sanitation workers.
Many of "New York's Strongest" worked long hours to put New York back on its feet in the aftermath of the superstorm though they'd lost their homes.

Antonio Christian, director of the Teamsters Human Rights Commission, said more than 600 families have applied, and most have received benefits. Said Christian,
The locals have done a good job telling everyone about Disaster Relief
The fund reimburses victims for damage to their personal property, loss of personal property and loss of wages. Teamsters are still encouraging people to support disaster relief, Christian said.