Friday, January 18, 2013

30 Teamster locals show solidarity for BlueLinx brothers

Solidarity from Local 991 in Pensacola, Fla.
(UPDATES captions to reflect actual locations of facilities, sted locals.)

Teamsters are once again writing the book on solidarity. Today, members from 30 locals -- yup, 30 -- wore stickers supporting their striking brothers from Local 769 at BlueLinx trucking in Miami. They're also supporting BlueLinx members from Local 853 in California, where the company is trying to move a distribution facility so they can eliminate the union.

The stickers say, "BlueLinx Teamsters United."

The flyer tells the story:
BlueLinx workers across the country are being attacked by the company. In Miami, BlueLinx wants to force workers into an expensive health care plan that will slash their paychecks and gives them and their families less coverage. 
Solidarity from Local 853 in Newark, Calif.
BlueLinx also wants to destroy retirement security for new hires, and to pay them less. 
In California, BlueLinx is trying to relocate a distribution facility in order to eliminate the workers’ union in the middle of a contract term. 
Please wear this sticker today in solidarity with your Teamster brothers and sisters. 
It’s becoming obvious that BlueLinx is on a long-term mission to weaken the wages, health care and retirement that we have fought for over the years. Every facility is going to be targeted. 
By wearing the sticker, you will be showing that Teamsters across the country are willing to stand together in solidarity to protect each other. What BlueLinx attempts in one place will likely be tried elsewhere. 
Enough is enough.