Monday, May 14, 2012

TX Teamsters fight TPP (the latest job-killing trade deal)

Brent Taylor speaking at the anti-TPP rally in Texas.
Our Teamster brothers in Texas rallied against the mother of all job-killing trade deals, the TPP. It's being negotiated behind closed doors in Dallas.

If you don't know him already, Brent Taylor is the secretary-treasurer of Teamsters Local 745 in Dallas, and he's the guy in the video who makes the great point about unemployment.

Of course you won't read about this rally in the mainstream media, which supports these deals that enhance corporate power. But reports,
A major international summit on trade and investment was held in Addison, near Dallas, and numerous activist groups joined Occupy Dallas in a rally and march demanding transparency and an end to corporate trade deals that hurt working people. The activist are asking for good jobs, affordable medicine and a healthy environment.The TPP is an international trade and investment pact between the United States and countries throughout the Pacific Rim and are being negotiated behind closed doors.
Lots of Teamsters participated.
The Citizens Trade Campaign, which organized the event, gave kudos to our Texas brothers:
They turned out a lot of members, and pitched in with marshaling, too.  Brent Taylor gave a fantastic speech, and was obviously very up on the issues specific to the TPP beyond just the boilerplate trade critique.  It was great having him and his local there. 
You can sign a petition here to open up the negotiations to the public.