Monday, May 14, 2012

Poor widdle Republic Waste, fwightened by Teamsters

Our brothers in Evansville.
Poor widdle Wepublic Waste. They were so fwightened by Teamsters' talk at the bargaining table that they just had to lock out 79 workers.

As Josh Eidelson wrote in In These Times,
...local general manager Mark McKune blamed the conflict on the union’s rhetoric: “When threats of war were made across the table at the company, the company felt it was necessary to take this step.”
Was that the real reason? Or do you suppose it was sheer corporate greed? The company wants to replace the Teamsters' pension with a 401(k) ripoff plan. Meanwhile, Republic Waste's CEO wants to give himself a $23 million death benefit.

Republic Services Teamsters Facebook page tells us:
At Republic's shareholder meeting next week, the company will announce its plan to give about $23 million in benefits to the estate of Republic President/CEO Donald Slager upon his death. It's outrageous that Republic thinks its CEO should get $23 million when he dies, but the workers who risk their bodies each day to protect the public's health shouldn't have a decent retirement.
Local 215 President Chuck Whobrey vows to stay strong:
It is outrageous that in the middle of negotiations Republic would start making threats to the jobs of 80 loyal workers. Our members provide a public health service to the city of Evansville, and they deserve to be able to retire with dignity. We are committed to the bargaining process, and these threats are uncalled for.
Say it, brother.