Friday, May 11, 2012

WI labor unified against Walker

We heard some talk that unions supporting candidates other than Tom Barrett for Wisconsin governor were upset that he won. There was even talk that Wisconsin labor wouldn't unite behind Barrett (who the Teamsters endorsed, by the way).

Well, check out this video. And read this comment from Bill Kaplan, a longtime labor supporter, in
I know that Wisconsin unions realize what's at risk and the necessity of uniting behind Tom Barrett. My union Brothers and Sisters are the salt of the earth and are critical to guaranteeing fairness in the workplace, reducing economic inequality and making democracy work. They will be all in for Tom Barrett. And, unionists realize the critical importance of reaching out to independents and moderate Republicans. We will need a big tent. Finally, unionists also know that while heart and soul are essential to winning elections, so is shoe leather. We will not have the corporate and wealthy elite money that Walker has raised. But the labor movement has boots on the ground. Heart, soul and shoe leather can make history. On Wisconsin. Go Tom Barrett!