Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Walker lies and money make recall a toss-up

Fight on, Wisconsin!

Our Wisconsin brothers and sisters are working hard to replace job-killer Gov. Scott Walker with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in just three short weeks. The recall election is on June 5.

Walker has already spent a staggering $30 million to repeat lies about his horrible record, which includes the loss of 23,900 jobs and 9,485 businesses. With all that money, he's been able to remain competitive. Polls show the race is a toss-up.

Now this. Forbes reports "Scott Walker Magically Turns Dismal Wisconsin Job Numbers Into A Pre-Election Miracle":
With Wisconsin suffering the worst job loss numbers in the nation for the calendar year 2011, Governor Scott Walker promised yesterday that he will reveal newly revised numbers this week 
that will, effectively, change water into wine on the Wisconsin job front. 
And he’s done it just in time for the June 5th recall election. 
So, just how is Walker about to turn Wisconsin’s dismal job numbers from lemons to lemonade? 
The Governor has simply decided to ignore the system used by the Department of Labor —and every other state in the nation —to measure job growth (or loss) and elected instead to go with a different set of numbers that makes things in Wisconsin look better. 
Who knew it could be so easy to solve a jobs crisis?
To help recall Walker, go here.