Monday, May 14, 2012

Scott Walker, You're fired

Job-killer Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker spends nearly all of his time siphoning money from his rich friends, servicing the Benedict Arnold Koch brothers and tellng lies about his record.

He has a huge amount of money to spend on propaganda, though, which will make it hard to boot him out of office on June 5.

The biggest thing he has going against him is the truth. Walker so far has killed 23,900 jobs and 9,485 businesses.

As the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports,
"If you elect me as your next governor, I'll get government out of the way and lower the tax burden so Wisconsin business owners and factories can create 250,000 jobs and 10,000 businesses in our state by 2015," Walker said in a 2010 speech.
The score card: After one year of the Walker era, there were 9,485 fewer businesses than at the end of 2010, Gov. Jim Doyle's final year in office.
The good news: The labor uprising in Wisconsin is forcing anti-worker politicians in other states to chill out on the union attacks. Josh Eidelson writes in Salon that
...after a seemingly relentless national assault provoked dramatic pushback in Wisconsin and elsewhere, some Republicans are … relenting. 
Take Minnesota. ... In January 2011, just after they took office and just before an uprising erupted in neighboring Wisconsin, Minnesota Republicans introduced Right to Work – a bill to defund unions by banning contracts that require workers represented by them to pay for representation. ... 
But 16 months later, the Minnesota Legislature ended its session Thursday without a vote to put Right to Work to the voters. ... 
Minnesota AFL-CIO president Shar Knutson says that the year’s high-profile battles in other states had had “a large impact” in discouraging Minnesota Republicans.  “You’ve seen what’s happened in Wisconsin and Ohio,” says Knutson. “There’s a lot of money that goes in, a lot of volunteers, a lot of people out on the streets working hard. So yeah, I’d be nervous if I were them too.”
Anti-worker extremists backed off in other states, too. Writes Eidelson,
In February, the House Commerce and Energy Committee in deep-red South Dakota voted to kill a bill that would have banned collective bargaining for public workers... 
The presumptive GOP nominee for Washington state governor is also taking pains to send a “What, Me Walker?” message. Last month, in audio obtained by Politico, Attorney General Rob McKenna told a meeting of Puget Sound Carpenters ... I’m not Scott Walker....and ... 
the Michigan House’s leading right-to-work backer has held off on introducing a bill.
That doesn't mean organized labor isn't facing a crisis. Eidelson concludes:
If Walker ekes out a victory, it won’t represent a decisive mandate for legislative union-busting. But it will be enough to get some Republicans over their cold feet.
Wanna know what you can do to help defeat job-killer Scott Walker? Call your local and volunteer to help get out the vote on June 5.