Saturday, May 19, 2012

Views on volunteering from a Teamster brother, member Local 155

Our Teamster brother Bear from Local 155 in Vancouver shares news and views on his youtube channel and on his website, Yesterday's "Bear's Views" video covers volunteering, fishing and weather -- and it even has bloopers at the end!
Bear works in the film industry and shares his insights here about a typical day in the life of a movie Teamster:
4:00 AM Put on coveralls. Check under hood. Start motor. Climb under truck in freezing snow or pouring rain. Set brakes. Check lights. Move truck to. circus, set, or studio, a distance of 20 feet or 20 miles.
5:00 Level and set up unit. If it is a Honey Wagon (washrooms) be sure it is clean and there is a sufficient supply of towel and tissue.
5:30 Clean up. Put on tie. Take fancy car to the hotel and pick up a director or actor. Return to circus with passenger.
6:00 Switch to 7 or 15 passenger van. Take cast (extras, actors, stunt people, etc.) and crew (grips, directors, boom man, etc.) from crew park to circus and from circus to set. This could be a half a block drive in city traffic or a 10 mile drive down a windy road on the side of a mountain.
He also posts stories about trucking, such as the one here.