Thursday, May 17, 2012

Walker lies, may steal election

We're already seeing evidence of dirty tricks from Wisconsin job-killer Gov. Scott Walker. WKOW reports:

Absentee ballots that were supposed to be mailed out Tuesday for the June 5th recall election, will not go out to voters until Friday....
By state law, absentee ballots are required to go out 21 days before an election...
GAB Director Kevin Kennedy said that means some voters, who will be temporarily overseas for the next three weeks, may not get a ballot on time.
You can be sure that won't be the end of it. The Koch brothers will do anything to keep their boy in office. There's a phony gun group, for example, that's linked to the Kochs and which sent out fliers telling people to vote on the wrong day at the wrong time during the Wisconsin Senate recall campaigns..

The BRAD BLOG points out that during the Wisconsin state Senate recall campaigns,
...deceptive absentee ballot request mailers were sent out by the Koch Brothers-funded Americans For Prosperity and a number of other Rightwing groups. 
The mailers, which offered incorrect dates and deadlines, and instructed voters to send back the forms to the PO Box of a "Right to Life" group in Wisconsin, were sent out not only by the Kochs' AFP, but almost identical misleading mailers were sent out by a mysterious "group" calling itself "United Sportsmen of Wisconsin". As The BRAD BLOG subsequently reported, to the surprise of almost nobody, the front man for that purported WI gun organization, John W. Connors, turns out to have been a longtime AFP affiliate and National Director, with a history of running deceptive campaigns 
Walker won't be able to steal this election if enough Tom Barrett supporters get out and vote. Find out how you can help boot Walker out of office here.