Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pranksters disrupt reception for TPP (the latest job-killing trade deal)

What's hilarious about this video is that the corporate stooges at the reception don't seem to realize they've been pranked by the Yes Lab. They must think it's a good thing that corporations can maximize profits no matter what anyone else in the world thinks.

Here's what happened next, according to the press release.
(U.S. Trade Representative) Ron Kirk moved towards the stage, but federal agents blocked his path to protect him from further embarrassment. At that point, a dozen well-dressed “delegates” (local activists, some from Occupy Dallas) broke into ecstatic dance and chanted “TPP! TPP! TPP!” for several minutes until Dallas police arrived.
Fifteen minutes later, another dozen interlopers from Occupy Dallas interrupted the reception with a spirited “mic-check.” Outside, activists projected a message on the hotel, and throughout the night, delegates discovered that hundreds of rolls of custom toilet paper had been installed in the conference venue.