Thursday, May 24, 2012

The polls are wrong: Walker vulnerable

Please ignore all the crap out there about an "enthusiasm gap" in the recall election of Job-killer Frequent liar Future jailbird Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker. Pay no attention to the noise machine. Just go out and do something to get rid of this guy.

Here's why the polls are wrong: They oversampled Republicans from 2010, the most Republican year ever in Wisconsin history. Internal polls show the race is a dead heat. This is remarkable given that Walker has spent more than $20 million already spreading lies on television advertising already.

June 5 will be a dog fight. The winner will be the one who can bring more people to the polls than the loser. So get out there if you can!

And remember, this election isn't just about preserving labor unions. It's about changing our economy to benefit the 99%. A book that's coming out soon, "Labor Rising," makes just that point:
Technically, the protests sought to preserve the collective bargaining rights of certain public sector unions. But many of the protesters may never have benefited from the collective-bargaining process, in large part because they were too poor, too new to the country, or above all too young to have been of a generation when unions were strong in America. They nonetheless intuitively grasped that collective bargaining represented the sovereignty of working people, principles that organized labor has historically embodied and championed....
In Wisconsin, the idea of labor rights was presented as a counterpoint to a pattern of systematic exploitation of people and public resources: from the corporate underwriting of elections, to the distortion of school curricula by rigid testing regimes, to mounting frustration with chronic unemployment in an unmoored global economy.
And speaking of the systematic exploitation of public resources: Look what Walker's deer czar (you know, the guy who thinks hunting on public lands is communism) is up to, according to Blogging Blue:

It seems in addition to serving as Wisconsin’s “Deer Czar,” Dr. Kroll is also a bit of a capitalist, offering endorsements/testimonials for various deer-related products and services. 
Among the products Dr. Kroll has endorsed is Boss Buck, a feeding system used at game farms that actually bears Dr. Kroll’s name and signature. 
Here’s a list of some of the products James Kroll has endorsed or done testimonials for: 
Rack Buck – Buck forage oats
Sneaky Feed – Remote deer feeder monitor
Skunk Fusion – Cover scent
NutraDeer – Deer Feed
GMS – Game Management Software
Hunt Encino – Texas Commercial Deer Hunt
Buck Forage – Deer Feed
Boss Buck – Deer Feeder
Trophy Feeders – Deer feeder
All you union sportsmen know what NOT to do with these products.