Sunday, July 29, 2012

Woo-hoo! Another Teamster organizing victory in MA!

Please give a warm welcome to our 34 new brothers and sisters who work as front-load drivers, residential drivers, mechanics and container repair workers at Republic Services/Allied Waste on Cape Cod. They voted 22-8 to join Local 59 in New Bedford because they want respect, better benefits and a pension.

Ed Swale is a driver who joined the company last year after returning from serving in Iraq. He contacted the Teamsters after he found out 113 workers at Republic joined Local 251 in East Providence, R.I., in May. He said the workers want respect.
The workplace had really spiraled out of control. We had a new district manager who treated us poorly and nine workers left. As Teamsters, we will have the respect we deserve.
Dave Laughton, secretary-treasurer of Joint Council 10 in New England, said the workers need to be treated with dignity because they put their bodies in harm's way to protect every resident in every community on Cape Cod.
The workers stood up to the second largest waste and recycling company in the United States because they are tired of not being treated fairly.
George Belanger, Local 59 secretary-treasurer, pledged to work hard for a contract.
For far too long, they have had to endure terrible working conditions and a lack of respect. That will change immediately now that they have joined the Teamsters.
Welcome to our great union!