Monday, July 16, 2012

Striking WA Teamsters to sue Davis Wire, hold rally

Teamsters Local 117 in Seattle announces striking workers at Davis Wire will sue the company tomorrow for stealing their wages and allowing such dangerous conditions that workers lose fingers.
On Tuesday, July 17 at 11 A.M. striking workers at Davis Wire will converge on the King County Courthouse in Seattle, where they will officially join a lawsuit alleging that the company created sweatshop-like conditions by working employees off the clock and denying employees rest and meal breaks in an unsafe environment and failing to pay them statutorily-required overtime wages. 
After the courthouse action, workers will hold a 3 P.M. rally at Davis Wire in Kent (19411 80th Ave S) to mark nearly 2 months since the start of the strike. Workers will be joined by family members, religious leaders, labor leaders, elected officials, and community members. 
Larry Dunson, a 28-year production worker who lost his fingertip in an industrial accident at the facility, will be available to speak to the media at the courthouse and at the rally. Larry represents many of his co-workers who have been maimed on the job.
Stay strong, brothers and sisters!