Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Charter school billionaire charged with massive fraud

Don't forget union-busting.
As the blogger Atrios says, we'll find out soon what happens when all the public schools are shut down and all the charter school owners go to jail.

The Philadelphia Inquirer reported yesterday,
A charter school mogul was charged today in a multimillion-dollar fraud case by the U.S. Attorney's Office. 
Dorothy June Hairston Brown, who received accolades for students' test scores and gained notoriety for collecting large salaries and suing parents who questioned her actions, was indicted on multiple counts of wire fraud, obstruction of justice, and witness tampering. 
Brown, 75, and four executives from her charter schools, were charged with defrauding three charter schools of more than $6.5 million in taxpayer funds. 
U.S. Attorney Zane David Memeger announced that a federal grand jury had returned a 62-count indictment against Brown and four of her trusted employees.
David Love nailed it in firedoglake:
...corporate education reform is big business.  And the rightwing, plutocratic agenda— of school privatization, government austerity measures and deunionization— clashes with the needs of poor, working class, and disproportionately black and brown public school students.