Friday, July 13, 2012

Whoa! Express Scripts 26th co. to dump ALEC

This just in: St. Louis-based Express-Scripts is now the 26th corporation to drop its membership in corporate front group ALEC.

Four major nonprofits and 55 elected officials have also dumped ALEC (full name: American Legislative Exchange Council).

Express-Scripts, a pharmacy benefits manager, is the sixth corporation to leave ALEC this week, joining Hewlett-Packard, CVS, Deere & Co., MillerCoors and BestBuy.

Express-Scripts appears to have been very involved in ALEC. It was a member of the Health and Human Services Task Force since at least 2010, reports the Center for Media and Democracy. And:
At the 2011 ALEC Annual Meeting, Express-Scripts sponsored the "Missouri Night" party for legislators from the state at Antoine's Restaurant in New Orleans... 
The corporate "bill mill" has come under increasing scrutiny in recent months as the public has become aware of its role in advancing the "Stand Your Ground" law initially cited to protect Trayvon Martin's killer, as well as voter suppression bills, union-busting policies, and other controversial legislation.
Chalk another one up for the good guys.