Thursday, May 5, 2011

Buy it in America (VIDEO)

Here's a way to do your patriotic duty and help create 200,000 American jobs (at least according to ABC): Spend $64 a year on products made in America.

We learned about the ABC series on "Made in America" from a guy named Brent Budowsky. He wrote an op-ed in The Hill that's worth sharing:
Tired of high unemployment, exported jobs, big deficits and low wages? Here is the answer. Let’s kick some butt, take some names, wave some flag and rise as a nation to buy some products made by red, white and blue American workers!

Throughout the land there is a fervent patriotism waiting to be tapped and a patriotic capitalism waiting to be born to lift the nation and mobilize Americans, from Tea Party voters to union workers, from the inner-city poor to rural America, from small businesses to American women and our veteran heroes.

Buy American. Every American can do it. No power on earth can stop us. Every time we buy an American product we help create jobs for American workers and profits for the companies that employ them. We grow our economy and lower our deficit in a great virtuous cycle.

Buy American. Each of us individually and together has the power to lift our land the way previous generations of Americans lifted America to defeat depression, prevail in war and soar to the moon in less than a decade.
Read the whole thing here.