Tuesday, May 31, 2011

WI recall: 3 more GOP senators down

Mark  July 12 as the possible day of reckoning for the six Wisconsin senators who voted to take away government workers' collective bargaining rights.

Last week, Wisconsin's Government Accountability Board approved the recall petitions against Dan Hanky-Kapanke, randy Randy Hopper, and Lex Luther Olsen. Today the GAB approved the petitions against Subsidy Sheila Harsdorf, Cowardly Robert Cowles, and Alberta Not-So-Darling.

Hmm, wonder why the GAB hasn't approved the petitions against the three Democrats -- our Teamster brother Dave Hansen, Robert Wirch and Jim Holperin? Could it be questions about the fraudulent methods used to collect signatures against them? Will the Democrats even face recall elections?

We're not sure what the final outcome will be. But remember, in 85 years,  Wisconsin only held four recall elections. This year, corporate-backed attacks on the middle class resulted in six recalls. Also remember, we will recall Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in 215 days.