Tuesday, May 24, 2011

6K in MI on Sat., and no press came

Working families came to Lansing on Saturday, 6,000 strong, to protest Gov. Rick Snyder's savage cuts to education to pay for an 86 percent corporate tax break.

No news media came.

This is why we like blogs. Blogging for Michigan did come to the protest, and this is what they saw:

Eclectablog wrote:
The two biggest newspapers in Michigan did not report a single word about a rally with over 6,000 people in attendance on the front lawn of the Capitol building. They did, however, have a picture of some tea partyers from Wisconsin on the Opinion page.
Tea partyers show up in a cluster of 15 people and a dozen reporters are there to cover it. Union members, in a stunning display of unity, show up by the thousands and the two largest newspapers in Michigan don't cover it. It is astonishing that event this large and this important went completely ignored by the News and Free Press.
We are being miserably failed by our media and our society is the worse for it. "Liberal media"? Please.