Monday, May 9, 2011

Ralliers say "no" to corporate-run education

There are some great signs and chants coming out of the Walker-Corbett-Rhee protest, which has taken over both sides of the street now.
Rally Girl reports:
People are chanting and holding signs that say, "Say 'no' to vouchers." "Save our schools, Corbett is a fool." "Do you want hedge fund managers running our schools? No!"
Rachel Tabachnick, one of the speakers, is explaining the interlocking network of right wing think tanks that are funding efforts to turn education over to corporations. She says go to
About a dozen supporters from Sierra Club are here. Two busloads of folks from Pennsylvania are here. There are also about seven obnoxious Koch whores carrying "Support SB1" signs.
The Twitter is abuzz. Go to: #SavePublicEd.