Thursday, May 19, 2011

Koch bros. front group defending Walker in court

Here's a shock: The National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation is sending its goons to Wisconsin. They'll defend the constitutionality of  Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker's bill to destroy collective bargaining rights for government workers in court.

Uppity Wisconsin has the story:

One of the Koch brothers front-groups, the union-busting group National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation, is rolling their tanks into Wisconsin to defend against a lawsuit from Dane County Firefighters and other public employee unions challenging the constitutionality of Walker's union-busting bill.
A 4/26 NRWLDF letter sent to numerous rightwing leaders in Wisconsin, said:

Dear Right to Work Supporter:

As you may know, three Madison local AFL-CIO unions, Laborers Local 236, Firefighters Local 311, and AFSCME Local 60, have sued the State of Wisconsin and Governor Walker to have the courts declare unconstitional the "budget repair bill," 2011 Wisconsin Act 10. This is an attempt to reverse the decision of the legislature to repeal compulsory unionism for most public sector employees.

Staff attorneys with the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation have defended similar statutes against constitional attacks before the United States Supreme Court. The Foundation is willing to help public employees of Wisconsin preserve their right to be free from forced tribute to unions.
These guys have always been brazen. "Right to Work" has never been about rights and it's never been about work, it's just always been about union-busting. But "willing to help public employees" is a little much even for them. It's like bombing a village to save it.