Monday, May 9, 2011

Walker, Corbett to face protest today in DC

Today in Washington the loony billionaires who want to destroy public education are hosting a trifecta of their favorites: Koch whore Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker,  Chainsaw Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Corbett and Erasergate star Michelle Rhee.

Their front group, "America Federation for Children" is holding a confab at a hotel in Washington, D.C. Teamsternation will be outside on the pavement with a sign, along with students, parents and teachers from Pennylvania. Also present will be our Teamster brother Rick Smith, folks from Save Public Education and union allies from the area.

You may wonder why this particular unwholesome trio was invited. Here's why:
  • Corbett wants to slash funding for local schools to pay for tax giveaways to millionare CEOs. He's hurting the hardest hit kids in order to hand over taxpayer dollars to the corporations who run for-profit private schools.
  • Walker wants to yank resources from public schools and spend them on vouchers so taxpayers are forced to subsidize wealthier private schools. When Walker was Milwaukee county executive he started a failed voucher program, so now he wants to get rid of the measures that hold voucher schools accountable.
  • Rhee is standing with the politicians who want to gut public schools while they reward their donors with tax giveaways.
Here are the deets on the protest, if you happen to be in DC at lunchtime today:

WHAT: Standing Up for All Our Kids
WHEN: Monday, 12:00 – 1:00p
WHERE: Washington Marriott, 1221 22nd St NW Washington DC