Friday, May 6, 2011

What on earth was Walker thinking? (VIDEO)

This is just too much. Koch whore Goofball Mouthbreather Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker posted a youtube video asking the public to recognize "excellence in customer service" from state employees.

(Pause. We need a moment to stop our head from spinning.)

The satirical blog Wonkette did about as good a job on this as anyone, so we'll just borrow a few grafs:
Uh oh, progressive governor Scott Walker would like to say “thank you” to the men and women who work in public service. That can’t be good. He wants you to send him the names, personal contact information, and places of work of certain state employees. So he’s finally finished those gas chambers he was working on, huh?
At first, we thought, nah, Scott Walker doesn’t want a list of all the best public employees in the state so he can put them under surveillance and fire them. He’s just doing this to make himself look less evil. When you go to the website, his website, that he mentions, there’s the video, but the nomination form is nowhere to be found.
Wonkette finally found the form, which asks for the name and home address of the employee (yeah, try getting that from a state trooper). Wonkette continues:
And look at the amount of space they give you for the “why does this person deserve to be recognized” box. That’s not enough for more than a word or two. This is being used for NEFARIOUS MEANS. Nice try, Scott Walker!
The comments below the youtube video are running so heavily against Walker that recall organizers must be thrilled. At last count there were 20 likes and 638 dislikes. And the anti-Walker comments are priceless.

Here's a sample:
This is a joke, right?
I nominate the State worker who collects the most "Recall Walker" signatures.
Dear Mr. Walker - I'd like to tell you stick your public service award where the sun doesn't shine but apparently, you already have your head so far up there, nothing else will fit.
In January, they will be having a Governor Appreciati­on Recall Election in Wisconsin.
Hey Walker, My mom's a teacher. A nice old lady who would never say the things I am about to say. Please give her an award. That way I can WALK RIGHT UP, HIT YOU ON THE HEAD WITH IT, AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR LYING ASS YOU INHUMAN PILE OF CRAP. 
Law enforcement, fishing/hunting licenses, and small business permits - Walker's only examples of good public service. Forget about public employees who educate children and help the poor
PS - nice lighting
P.P.S. - your hair is on sideways. 
Dude, your body language is not good.....I just played this for a three year old with the sound off and she cried! 
Here's our favorite comment:
I think Wisconsin's state employees would agree that Scott's done enough for them already.