Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Woo-hoo! WI orders recall elections for GOP senators

It's official. The Wisconsin board that oversees elections cleared the way today for a July 12 recall election for Sens. Dan Hanky-Kapankerandy Randy Hopper and Lex Luther Olsen. The three are among the eight Republican senators who voted in favor of the bill to end collective bargaining rights for government workers in Wisconsin.

The Government Accountability Board (GAB) today rejected most challenges to the recall petitions. About 15,000 signatures were needed to trigger recall elections for each senator and in each case there were roughly 21,000 signatures gathered.

The board will evaluate challenges to the remaining recall petitions at its May 31st meeting. There are a total of six Republicans and three Democrats facing recall.

Sen. Dave Hansen, a 20-year Teamster, is facing recall for leaving the state to stave off a vote on this anti-worker bill. Earlier this month a pro-CEO assemblyman who supported Koch whore. Gov. Scott Walker's anti-worker agenda announced he would challenge Hansen. Check out this great video that highlights Hansen's efforts to protect Wisconsin's working families.

There are only 223 days left to recall Scott Walker. Keep up with the countdown on our Stop the War on Workers website.