Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Koch whores campaign against OH anti-union law

Here's a shock: Americans for Prosperity (for the Koch brothers) are campaigning against SB5, the bill that would strip collective bargaining rights from government workers in Ohio.

Yup, in their relentless drive to shrink the middle class so they can drown it in a bathtub, the Koch brothers' Americans for Prosperity (Tea Party) plans to go door-to-door to convince voters it's a good thing to destroy unions.

According to The Toledo Blade,
...the Ohio chapter of the Washington-based Americans for Prosperity is raising money to conduct its own door-to-door grass-roots campaign to sell the merits of Senate Bill 5 to voters before the Nov. 8 election...
In addition to selling Senate Bill 5 door-to-door and in town-hall meetings, Americans for Prosperity plans to promote, at the same time, a proposed constitutional amendment to exempt Ohioans from the mandatory coverage requirements under the federal health-care law. Petitions also are circulating to put that question on the fall ballot...
This could be a real test of whether we can hang on to our democracy or not. Polls show Ohioans strongly support repeal of SB5 because they see it as an attack on working families. Volunteers are well on their way to collecting the 231,149 signatures required to put it on the ballot in November (and we hear the Teamsters are kicking butt on the signature collection).

But predatory billionaires will spend hand over fist to lower their labor costs (i.e., impoverish the middle class). They'll hire clever consultants, they'll do market research, they'll blanket the air waves (remember the $5.6 million FreedomWorks ad spreading lies?).
Let's just hope Ohioans can hold the line for the middle class.