Wednesday, May 11, 2011

NH gov vetoes 'right to work' to destroy unions

This just in: New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch today vetoed the anti-worker bill passed by the state Legislature. Though 14 right-to-work bills to destroy unions have been filed in state legislatures, New Hampshire's is the only one that made it to the governor's desk to be signed into law.

The Manchester Union-Leader reports:
Forces pushing for a right-to-work law in New Hampshire said Tuesday they are already working to overturn the veto Gov. John Lynch is expected to sign today.
The Senate passed the bill, HB 474, by a veto-proof two-thirds majority. The House fell short by between 15 and 20 votes of the two-thirds margin needed to override a veto. Among those voting against the bill were 47 Republicans. Another 22 in the GOP did not vote at all.
The vote to override the veto is scheduled for May 25. It's unclear whether supporters have the bill have enough votes.

Kevin Landrigan at the Nashua Telegraph reports that both sides are lobbying lawmakers. He quotes an economist who debunks arguments that right to work to destroy unions will help the state's economy.
University of Oregon economics professor Gordon Lafer said ...“Right to work has zero impact on job growth,” said Lafer, speaking with reporters on behalf of the New Hampshire AFL-CIO union Tuesday.

An area development magazine concluded right to work was the 14th most important issue while wages and benefits would slump by 3 to 5 percent in the retail and health services field, Lafer said.

“By almost every measure, New Hampshire is doing better than almost every one of the Right-to-Work states,” Lafer added.

The University of New Hampshire Survey Center poll found at least 62 percent of those surveyed favored the right of employees to unionize in a state were only 11 percent belong to one.