Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Govs Gone Wild sink in the polls

Approval ratings are reaching all-time lows for Governors Gone Wild across the country.

Florida Skelator Gov. Rick Scott is one of the least popular governors in America, according to a Quinnipiac University poll that shows 57 percent of voters disapprove of the job he’s doing. From the Miami Herald:
Scott's job-performance numbers mirror public sentiment about the $69.7 billion state budget, which cuts schools, healthcare and programs for the environment. The poll finds that 54 percent of voters say the budget is "unfair" to someone like them, while 29 percent favor it.
Scott has praised what he calls the “jobs budget” as a way to get Florida’s economy moving. But despite the nickname, the budget will lead to more layoffs in the short-term because it eliminates nearly 4,500 state worker positions.
Ohio corporate stooge Gov. John Kasich’s approval numbers are also falling. In a recent poll, Ohio voters disapproved 49 to 38 percent of Kasich’s job performance, compared with 46 to 30 percent in March.

The poll also showed Ohio voters reject Kasich’s support for Senate Bill 5, the bill that stripped Ohio government workers of their collective bargaining rights. Only 36 percent of respondents said the measure should remain law. Teamsters and fellow Ohioans have collected an impressive 214,000-plus signatures on petitions to put a repeal of SB5 on the November ballot. They did this all in one month and will have until June 30 to collect the required 231,149 signatures.

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is also tanking in popularity. Voters are split 44 to 44 percent on whether they approve or disapprove of Christie’s job performance. This is a new low for the governor whose administration is proposing cuts that would make a family of three with an annual household income of about $4,650 to $5,375 ineligible for Medicaid. The current limit for new enrollees is an income of about $24,700 for a family of three.