Tuesday, March 15, 2011

WI Recall Pt 2: Poll shows Dems could retake Senate

TeamsterNation got a sneak peek at a poll that's coming out today about the recall effort in Wisconsin. DailyKos will release them at 11 a.m. (EDT). The polls were conducted March 11-13.

Democrats need to retake three seats in order to regain control of the Senate. Kos tells us

Senator Dan Kapanke trails a generic Democrat 55-41
Senator Randy Hopper trails 49-44
Senator Luther Olsen trails 49-47

In two other districts, incumbent Republicans are under 50 percent, and should face competitive elections:

Senator Rob Cowles leads 45-43
Senator Sheila Harsdorf leads 48-44
The Republican incumbent is favored in another district, but still isn't safe:
Senator Alberta Darling leads 52-44
Republicans are strongly favored in two deep red districts:
Senator Mary Lazich leads 56-34
Senator Glenn Grothman leads 60-32
All in all, Democrats have a solid chance to retake the Wisconsin state Senate through the recall elections. However, the task ahead of them is far from a slam dunk.
Koch whore Gov. Scott Walker can't be recalled until he's been in office for a year.

Kos will have more at 11 a.m. The poll is a good reminder, though, that recalls aren't easy. The Republicans will have plenty of billionaires and CEOs backing them. Some of the senators will be in Washington, D.C., on Wednesday to collect cash from plutocrats. Stay tuned for an update from Rally Girl.