Friday, March 25, 2011

Teamsters gear up for massive LA rally on Sat.

Tomorrow morning, more than 35 buses will drop off thousands of Teamsters from across California and Nevada at the corner of Chick Hearn Court and Georgia Street. They'll join thousands of their union brothers and sisters to protest anti-worker attacks in statehouses across the country.

Mercedes Gaitan, senior office assistant at Los Angeles Trade Tech College (and a member of the American Federation of Teachers Local 1521A) will be there. Gaitan was in Wisconsin, helping feed protesters free pizza. She said,
People would come and take exactly what they needed. Nobody was greedy. It was just one example of how everyone was fighting for something bigger than themselves.
Just because we live halfway across the country, doesn’t mean what’s happening in Wisconsin can't happen here.

I will be marching on March 26 because I'd rather be involved than have my rights stripped away.
She will join students and activists from the environmental, faith, civil rights and immigrant rights movements. They will march in solidarity with workers under attack in Wisconsin, Ohio, Indiana, Florida, Michigan, New Hampshire, Maine, Missouri and elsewhere.